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This apartment is the first home for a young family, whose wish was to create a functional and long-term residence with durable materials. We started working on the project when the finishing materials were already set by the developer – whitened oak herringbone parquet, white profiled interior doors and choice of wall colours.

The family loves Nordic brands, especially Danish design, which is why we chose to go with a minimalistic Scandinavian design and use a northern colour palette throughout the apartment.

We added depth with darker accent colours and brought contrast to the generally light interior with door handles, light fixtures, dark worktop and backsplash in the kitchen. The bespoke furniture has references to the décor on interior doors and skirting boards. The kid’s room has a livelier colour palette with small playful details, while still maintaining neutrality so that the child grows with the room and does not get bored of it.


Assisted by Kadri Hirvesaar





Tallinn, Estonia




81,2 m2

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