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This apartment is home to a young family of three, who wanted to create a cozy and inviting space in a warm autumnal colour palette. We started working on this project in the early stages so we had the possibility to work together with the developer in terms of creating the best space layout, lighting-, electrical and audio solutions. We were also able to put together the finishing material selection and all fixtures and fittings as desired. 


All bespoke furniture solutions had to be designed so they would be able to grow together with the family and adapt to change without losing functionality when the family is growing and rooms will be switched. The chosen materials are durable, easy to maintain and playful, especially in the kids room and home office. We had to consider the family’s large book collection that got a bespoke library and an honourable location, all thanks to the high ceilings in the living room.


Assisted by Kadri Hirvesaar

Photography by Kristiina Vasar

Türi tn.




Tallinn, Estonia


Winter, 2022


79,2 m2

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