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Tormilinnu tee

This summer house consists of two parts - the terrace and fireplace area on the left side and the main living area with two floors on the right side. During this phase of the renovation we started to work with the two-floored part of the building.


All of the inside was cleared out, only the old floors stayed and got a new whitened finishing. Some of the wooden scaffolding on the ceilings and walls was dismounted, cleaned, finished again and reused. According to the client’s wishes the overall look was kept light and modern, but still trying maintain the beachy vibe of nearby resort town Haapsalu.


With the new plan we tried to open up more space to all the necessary functions. Adding new and bigger windows we gained more natural light in each room. Since sauna holds a very important place in every summerhouse, it had to stay as big as possible, but also fit a nice and spacious shower. 


Because of the triangular shape and difficult heights on the second floor, we had to be clever with all the storage spaces. All the built in furniture (kitchen, washbasin cabinet, wardrobes) is custom made according to drawings. 


Summer house


Haapsalu, Estonia




60 m2

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