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The design concept of this terraced house in Lagedi is inspired by the japandi style. Interior finishing material selection as well as lighting- and electrical layouts were already fixed by the developer, so we helped with creating the best possible space planning and layout considering the needs of the family.


The heart of the open plan living room is a made to order L-shaped kitchen which combines whitened oak veneer and different beige and brown tones. The tall ceilings, large windows and double floor open air space give the sense of additional space and airiness to each room. We cleverly used the height of the rooms for bespoke wardrobes to maximise the use of functional space.


As a contrast to the light and warm kitchen and living room, the colour and material palette used in the master bedroom is a bit more dark and sensual.


Assisted by Kadri Hirvesaar

Lille tn.


Terraced house


Tallinn, Estonia


Autumn, 2021


90 m2

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