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The bright, 3-bedroom apartment is home for a small family. The client's desire was to create a feminine and relaxing environment, to achieve that we used various high-quality materials: whitened and milled oak veneer, rattan, Taj Mahal quartzite, linen, leather, wool, silk. In addition, we added plants to bring in some greenery.

The heart of the apartment is an open and spacious functional kitchen: the trapezoidal room has both a kitchen island and a large dining table, which is well suited for entertaining.

Minimalistic and warm, but quite luxurious, the apartment contains several elements from the family's previous residence. Vintage leather sofas got new leather covers and a fresh finish on the wooden parts and fit perfectly into the living room of the new apartment. We designed a home office and an art/hobby room from one of the bedrooms, which had to fulfil several different functions, so it got a unique look with the help of bespoke furniture.


Assisted by Kadri Hirvesaar





Tallinn, Estonia




80,3 m2

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