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We completed a full scale renovation in the one-bedroom apartment. We removed all the finishing materials from the previous renovation and renewed the general floor plan, lighting and electrical plan. Herringbone parquet, a green sofa, as clean and spacious interior as possible, and the possibility of a fully hidden home office were some of the keywords that the owner had in mind and which became the foundation of the interior design concept.

The bathroom, which previously did not offer any storage space at all and did not provide a relaxing environment, got a totally new look. We designed it into a white and clean, minimalist room, with a colourful terrazzo ceramic tile on the floor being the eye-catcher. We used the same style in the kitchen, where the worktop has small green, beige and white specks imitating terrazzo. The bedroom, which turned into a real oasis to rest and recharge, became a special favourite of the client.

The vast majority of the furniture in the apartment is custom made to make the small apartment as practical as possible, but to take into account the cat living in the apartment.


Assisted by Kadri Hirvesaar
Photography by Kristiina Vasar





Tallinn, Estonia


Spring, 2022


45,3 m2

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