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A large and spacious two bedroom home became unsuitable for the needs of a family of four, so we re-designed the apartment to a three-bedroom residence.

The solution was to decrease the living room size to add a small extra bedroom while still maintaining the open space characteristic to the previous living room. We updated the room layout and reviewed the dimensions of all the furniture. We also updated the general colour scheme and lighting plan to ensure good lighting throughout and make the rooms brighter and more spacious with a fresh set of colours. The contrast is created by different shades of blue and grey, which were very close to the family's heart.

Both kids’ rooms furniture is made to measure, taking into account their current wishes and needs, but also keeping in mind that the rooms can be used as the children grow and time and interests change. We considered all the children’s wishes about the colour selection in their rooms, but significantly toned down the shades so that they would last longer and be easier to combine with additional items.


Assisted by Kadri Hirvesaar

Photography by Kristiina Vasar





Tallinn, Estonia


Autumn, 2021


79,0 m2

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