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This renovation project is located in a building from the 1930s in Tallinn city centre. The owners’ wish was to renew the layout and furniture of the living room and kitchen as well as re-configure the reading room that opens to the hallway and entrance area. The other goal was to modernise the entire design and create more practical storage solutions. Our focus was mainly on making the apartment more spacious, since the previous layout made the rooms rather narrow and impractical. The apartment features a beautifully restored herringbone parquet, which inspired the rest of the design concept.

The formerly U-shaped kitchen became a more open L-shape, which brought space to the entire room. The new kitchen is functional and provides more storage space. The focal point of the open plan living and dining area is the artificial stone backsplash and hidden shelving in the kitchen, adding an elegant touch with its large pattern and fine grooves. The general colour scheme is light and warm with a simple Nordic touch.

Most of the replaced furniture is custom made and site specific: the kitchen, media unit, wardrobe and additional storage. During the renovation, we updated the entire lighting and electrical solution and added the necessary sound systems.

Photography by Kristiina Vasar





Tallinn, Estonia




55 m2

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