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The 3-bedroom apartment with a sea view is located in a new apartment building. We started working on the project when the finishing materials were already in place by the developer. The owner's wish was to bring a bit of big-city luxury and depth to the generally light background, so we worked with deep, dark and warm accent tones.

From a three-bedroom apartment, we designed one master bedroom with a large walk-in wardrobe, one exercise room and one reading and relaxation room. A dark marble imitation bespoke bio fireplace made of the same material as the kitchen worktop brings an element of luxury and coziness to the living room.

For the selection of finishing materials we used smoked oak veneer, bronze glass and metal, and also brought life and space to the dark corridor with mirrors and bespoke plant boxes. We used large natural stone imitation panels next to the custom made bed in the bedroom to create and extra luxurious feel.


Assisted by Kadri Hirvesaar and Mari Parts





Tallinn, Estonia




90,3 m2

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