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The design concept for Kalaranna apartment was inspired by the surrounding environment and the close vicinity of the seaside, that worked together very well with the interior finishing selection made by the client. Our main goal was to create a cozy and timeless atmospheric seaside home that would feature small and delicate details to the beach and harbour thematic. The main elements became a deep dark blue colour together with crisp white, acting like the frothy waves. Additional texture is brought in with natural wood paneling in the entrance and the bespoke wardrobe with fine milled lines in the bedroom. The loose furniture and fabric selection has hints of sandy tones referring to the beach with all the magical items washed ashore like ropes and small rusty coloured pebbles and stones.


The elegant rental apartment close to the city center looks both luxurious and relaxing at the same time thanks to the quality materials and special colour palette that we created.


Assisted by Kadri Hirvesaar

Photography by Kristiina Vasar





Tallinn, Estonia




58,4 m2

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